Surveying History

In 1785, Congress enacted a law that provided for the subdivision of the public lands into townships (6 miles square). Each township consisted of 36 (1mile square) sections. Sections are further subdivided into half sections, quarter sections, and quarter-quarter sections

Scanned copy of Original Government field notes.

This field  note was done by Garret Vliet dated, May 1836 Between 1833 to 1866, the U.S. Government Land Office contracted 117 Deputy Surveyors to survey the public lands of Wisconsin into approximately 1600 full or partial townships containing over 56,000 full or partial sections.
Present day Subdivisions, Certified Survey Maps, and many deeds commence at the very same corner set over 150 years ago. Intersections of roads or tree lines may be the best visual evidence when trying to locate a section corner.